Somethings About Me

The Start

Alvaro Flores was born in Bolivia, his mom migrated to USA when Alvaro was 7. His dad raised him and influenced Alvaro to do art, dancing, and soccer. In 8 grade Alvaro had permission to go to the USA with his mom. It was hard for him to be in an environment where he could not communicate with others, and art was the only way he communicated. He went to Ralston High School where he was the art guy.


Alvaro always love playing soccer so he also was a varsity soccer player at Ralston High School. He was involved in French club and Art club. Alvaro was one of the best art students in high school, he helped design the art club t-shirt and he designed the French club t-shirt and he also design the senior t-shirt of the year 2016, the year of his graduation. He took a summer art class and help made a mural at Ralston High School.

Art Club T-Shirt

Soccer Club

Senior T-Shirt 2016

University of Nebraska At Omaha 

He also received The Buffet Scholarship giving him the opportunity to go to the University of Nebraska at Omaha. In college Alvaro entered the architectural career but and in the second year he switched to Studio Art Major where his artistic abilities stood out to teachers and classmates. Alvaro got called to help win a contest for decorating a door at the Multicultural Affairs Offices at UNO, he helped the Latino/Hispanics office and won the contest as best creative and most decorated door.

Door Contest

After noticing that Latino and Hispanic is sometimes called Mexican, he wanted to show that there is a vast variety of cultures and Latino/Hispanic countries. Alvaro wants his artwork to show Bolivian and the Bolivian culture and made his motivation to make art that differs from the rest of the Latino/Hispanic culture. 

“I want to represent my country”

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