Digital Collage

Alvaro’s First Photoshop Edits

I have an art work made out of leaves and I just wanted to play with the color and see what comes out.
Llama de Hojas
For me this looks complex, but I did this in less than an hour.
I wanted to show, that the kids are the future of these world. but my teacher had a different perspective, it was sad but it made sense because of the dark color in it. basically kids that migrate come here to a better life , but sometimes that's not the case and they live in cages.
Unknown Future
When making an artwork sometimes you come to this place just to contemplate what you have done, but you have no idea to make the next step to make it better. it is a sad moment to be and that is why the theme is blue.
Inspired Place
The challenge was to pick a famous person, an animal, and ancient place. I chose MJ because I am a fan of his dancing style.
MJ Dancing Power
I actually made those llamas with plaster in my 3D class, I wanted to see how would they look broken.
Llamas Rotas
Not much to add here But I had to make a meme of how I think I look when I criticize myself.
Self Criticism
I wanted to depict the mountain as someone that watches La Paz, Bolivia. as a protector and an angle.
The face of Illimani

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