Artist Statement

Alvaro Reynaldo Flores Alanoca

Artista Boliviano

I am an artist originally from Bolivia.  I came to the United States at the age of 12. After leaving my country, I’ve learned about my culture. I became amazed by Bolivia and my Bolivian heritage is in all my artworks. Where I live now, I realized that Latino/Hispanic are often only seen as Mexican. Latino/Hispanic culture is far more complex than a single ethnicity or country.  The experience of being misidentified as Mexican inspired me to create artworks about Bolivia so that my Bolivian identity and heritage can shine. In every work I create I put all my effort. I play with texture. I play with the color. I depict light and shadow, I play with space and dimensionality. I explore how my art can look historic, vintage. My artwork hopefully creates nostalgia, because that is what my work gives me, my memory of Bolivia. In every art piece, I like to travel to my country where I was happy, I make places where I’ve been and places that I want to be. I show the culture of Bolivia because I love my country and want to share Bolivia through my art.


Alvaro R. Flores
Omaha, Nebraska